drama: I am liking…in time with you

It took a third watch for me to finally get into the groove of In Time With You (also known as I May Not Love You) and actually started liking it.

The pace is kinda draggy for my taste and it tends to be talky, but when you just let yourself sit down and listen, you’d appreciate the lines.

“A successful career woman’s feelings are dead.”

It tells the story of Cheng You Qing and her best friend, Li Da Ren. They were former rivals in high school but eventually became friends in college. She’s competitive and righteous, he’s gentle and laidback. She’s temperamental. He’s patient.

“Between a man and woman, can there be friendship?”

They see each other through failed relationships and birthdays.

“Why is it that everything I pursue in life, I actually start losing it as soon as I gain possession of it?”

“Relationships help us gain an understanding of oneself.”

On her 30th birthday, they made a NT$100,000 hongbao bet for whoever was going to marry first.

“I’m not really a suitcase waiting for someone to claim me, but a bag that holds many stories.”

“I’ll buy my bag to create my own story.”

The white canvas shoes vs the high-heeled shoes:

Trailer 1 (English subbed):

Trailer 2:

“Men want to be heroes; if he marries someone older or more successful than him, he will never be able to play hero.”

You Qing’s parents are played by Lin Mei Xiu and Luo Bei An who also acted as the wacky parents of Eddie Peng in Hear Me. When I first saw them, I went NOOOOOO!!!! Hear Me is one of my favorite Taiwanese films and I felt that they should belong to that memory exclusively. In the drama, they’re not as wacky so I appreciate how they may have consciously tried to make their portrayal different from Hear Me.

I tweeted this and I’ll say again: Ariel Lin may be Golden Bell best actress but Chen Bo-lin is one of the best actors of his generation. His acting is simple and effortless, but nevertheless heartfelt. I’ve liked him since Blue Gate Crossing where he appeared with the unknown and debuting Gui Lun-mei.

In Time With You is definitely a different pace from Office Girls and I kind of like the contrast. Office Girls makes me laugh while this makes me reflect on a lot of things.

“You only realise that happiness was right next to you once you lose it.”

P.S. My OTP should watch this drama, and who knows an epiphany will hit them.

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2 thoughts on “drama: I am liking…in time with you

  1. I’m glad you are liking it. I haven’t seen 2nd or 3rd ep yet, but I will catch up soon. 🙂 As you said, this could be anyone’s story.

    I’ve only seen Ariel Lin on ISWAK, and I think it’s a credit to her as an actress that I can buy this character (even it is the same face) as a successful career woman.

    And I’m really liking Bolin Chen’s quiet strength. Although I’m curious why his character has never confessed. It must have been hard keeping that a secret all this time, but he’s a guy! He shoulda confessed ASAP. The risk of losing her as a friend vs. the gain of having her as a girlfriend. hmmm.


    • I never got to finish ISWAK coz of Ariel’s annoying character there lols but she has grown up.
      I’m thinking in terms of OTP on the ambiguous friendship so it’s easy for me to relate and understand the dilemma of “forever friendship vs fleeting relationship” fear. haiz. can’t they just take a chance? I’m talking of You Qing and Da Ren… and OTP lols I’m messed up.


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