drama: Office Girls on men, women, wealth, beauty

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 3)

She’s not my favorite character in Office Girls, in fact, I can’t stand Tia Li’s sleep-eyed acting whenever Zheng Kai Er appears onscreen but she does make sense. Occasionally. Like this quote of hers:

“The value of men depends on their assets, the value of women depends on beauty. Wealth increases as time goes by, but beauty does not.”

Oh, wait. I actually approve of Tia Li as one of the pig’s “concubines”. You go girl! Oink! Oink!

On another note, whoever came up with the unexciting title of “Office Girls”? At least they could have made it more interesting by calling it: “Office Girls, Chauvinistic Men” or “Plain Office Girl & Hot Prince” or why not, “Roy Qiu, Why You So Hot?”

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