drama: Office Girls on secret relationships

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 2)

It’s the sixth week for Office Girls and I am liking how the story is progressing. I hope the Chinese Wikipedia is not accurate because it says that the drama will only have 10 episodes. WHAT?! Only 10 episodes of Roy Qiu goodness?!

I love how the relationship between Qin Zi Qi and Sheng Xin Ren is developing. They don’t realise it yet but they are already falling for each other. Cliche, yes, but it works because of Qin Zi Qi’s hilarious cluelessness.

This scene in episode 6 also made me think of my OTP, Mike He & Rainie Yang:

Shi Te Long: Eh, you two little brats, you’re obviously on good terms. What’s that at work pretending to be strangers? Especially you (pointing at Zi Qi), this is other people’s home but you’re acting so familiar. Animal.

Qin Zi Qi: What animal? Nothing happened between us.

Shen Xing Ren: That’s right.

STL: Nothing happened but you stayed overnight. Worse than an animal.


STL: Oh, I understand. Could it be you’re afraid the romance will die if it’s in the open so you’re keeping it in the dark? It’s been hard on both of you. Come, I salute you. (Raise cup for a toast) Everlasting love. Give birth to a son soon. Cheers!

I almost raised my mug to a toast too while watching this scene.

Funny how random lines from dramas make me think of OTP more than the characters on the screen.

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2 thoughts on “drama: Office Girls on secret relationships

  1. I think that scene reminds me of jiadi and huodi when they visit qin ah-yi!
    I miss those ‘good old days’!
    Not that enthusiastic over this drama now but I still like it.
    The next peak is not here yet but I love like it’s gradual and logical process.
    (I think I’m like answering an essay question logically now. Don’t mind me, I’m just eye-balling with words and words of reference… LOL)


    • ehhh why no longer enthusiastic ah? lost appetite for Ah Ze?
      yeah, that scene was totally Jiadi and Houda but I’m thinking more of the lines too of Jingli.
      is that why we are kept in the dark of our beloved MeiLin???


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