drama: Roy Qiu, why you so…

… hawt?

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 1)

I am currently watching Office Girls and very entertained with Qin Zi Qi that he has become the highlight of my week. No, my month. No, this drama season. No… my life. Maybe?

But just look at him. Roy Qiu, why you so hansem????

Like I mentioned previously, this is my first Roy Qiu drama and I am enjoying his characterization so far. He is consistent as Qin Zi Qi, the mall heir who’s not really bad ass through and through but can be lazy and spoiled and… annoying.

But Roy Qiu, even when you’re being annoying, why you still so cute?

Just consider this:

Qin Zi Qi does not know how to peel the wrapper of an onigiri and has to eat the rice and seaweed separately.

But Roy Qiu, why you so adorable?

Qin Zi Qi is a six-year-old who is picky with food and does not like to eat vegetables calling them garbage.

But Roy Qiu, why you so lovable?

Qin Zi Qi cannot cook to save his life and ends up eating the noodles raw.

But Roy Qiu, why you so shuai???

Qin Zi Qi does not know that one needs to pay the power bill to have electricity.

But Roy Qiu, why you so cool?

Qin Zi Qi is such a busybody, pokes his nose on other people’s business and behaves just like who he is: the son of the boss (even though most of his colleagues don’t know it yet and Shen Xing Ren does not believe him when he told her his secret that he is really the boss’ son).

But Roy Qiu, why you so sexy?

Qin Zi Qi actually has a good business sense (he’s the son of his father after all) but no one listens to him.

But Roy Qiu, why you so charming?

Qin Zi Qi is such a young master that he doesn’t wash his clothes and refuses to touch his own dirty boxers.

But Roy Qiu, why you so ke ai?

Qin Zi Qi cannot open his door when he forgets the key and asks a girl to do it for him.

But Roy Qiu, why you such a darling?

Qin Zi Qi does not know how to drive a motorbike, much more, ride pillion.

But Roy Qiu, why you so manly?

Qin Zi Qi only knows how to live the good life but is learning the hard life.

But Roy Qiu remains so hawt. Ah Ze, why you like that?

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3 thoughts on “drama: Roy Qiu, why you so…

  1. I started to watch his newest drama ( my first RQ series actually) after a friend recommended it. Surprisingly, I am enjoying it so far. His role can easily be essayed by Mike having portrayed the same type for a number of times. Roy was lucky enough to have landed that pampered rich son role and he succeeded. The rating that began quite well with 2.78 zoomed to 3.72 on its fourth episode. However, I can’t help but see in him some traces of Mike’s expressions. It can be attributed somehow to their being look-alike. A drama with Rainie can certainly be a thrill to fans, much more if Mike is in the cast.


    • haha I know what you mean. Roy and Mike have the same mannerisms. I suspect even that in ep4 when Roy was making calls, he kinda mimicked Mikey’s deep voice. but that’s just me. a love triangle drama with RM + R? wahsay, that’s gonna be super! thanks for dropping by, girl.


      • girl, not just the mannerisms, even some of his facial expressions are somewhat similar to Mikey. Hey! happy b-day! Don’t forget to beep me this November.


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