Wahaha it’s Wang Lee Hom

In four days in Harbin, I managed to collect different Wang Lee Hom poses on the bottle of Wahaha, the funniest mineral water I have ever seen. Wahaha wasn’t one of the sponsors of the trip but it sure seemed to be a favorite brand since we had it in the van and most of the companies we visited or the tours we went to served it. I don’t know if it’s because of WLH or that it’s small and handy or has nice packaging or cheap.

But it’s also interesting to note the history of the company that started out in 1987 in Hangzhou. The bottled water series is just one of its many products. I wonder how much they paid Wang Lee Hom considering that his face–in different poses–appears on the product. He has been endorsing it since 1999.

It became some kind of a game for me to find a different WLH pose everytime I pick a Wahaha bottle during this trip. So far I have found eight versions though I’m sure there are more.

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