music: so this is how indie pop sounds like–my little airport

Something popped up on my Twitter timeline today: an indie duo with the quirky name “my little airport” from Hong Kong releasing a new album. And the title of the album is even quirkier: “Hong Kong is one big shopping mall”.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and looked them up. my little airport is composed of Lam Pang and Nicole Au Kin-ying. Their album titles are so amusing:

“the ok thing to do on sunday afternoon is to toddle in the zoo” (2004)

(Sometimes translated as “zoo is sad, people are cruel”)


“becoz i was too nervous at that time” (2005)

“we can’t stop smoking in the vicious and blue summer” (2007)

“poetics – something between montparnasse and mongkok” (2009)

I’ve listened to some of their songs and they’re quirky, poppy and fresh.

If they have quirky names for their albums, just imagine their songs.

donald tsang, please die

tim, do you really wanna make a film?

a certain romance in kowloon tong

gigi leung is dead

faye wong, about your eyebrows

Their lyrics are also in everyday language, no metaphors, no flowery words, just simple prose.

Their song, “if you bring me to the party” only has four lines.

if you bring me once more to the party

I promise that I’ll behave like a lady

I understand I’m no longer twenty

but I still wanna try the sweetie

So this is how indie pop sounds like. I like.

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