no girlie things for Ah Ze

Roy Qiu on allegations that he had plastic surgery:

“I’m an athletic person. I don’t do girlie things.”

Roy is in the new SETTV drama Office Girls, that topped the ratings when it debuted on August 21. Quite interesting that the drama followed Love You, that starred his ex-girlfriend, Rainie Yang. And Roy’s drama is now against Love Keeps Going, which is topbilled by Mike He.

Mike and Roy used to have uncanny similarities when they were both starting. Roy was the more famous one then so Mike was referred to as Little Roy. But now, the situation has been reversed so is Roy the Lilttle Xiao Mei? They don’t look the same anymore though.

In 2004 when the break-up of Rainie and Roy hit the news and he was asked about it, he had a rather interesting answer:

“Why don’t you ask Mike He.”

The e-biz is a small world indeed.

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