don’ts in the hungry ghost month

We just closed the magazine today and this week’s issue will be on Hungry Ghost, the Chinese equivalent of Halloween if you may.

It is believed that during the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the “gates of hell” open and let loose spirits to wander the earth for food. So you should be careful not to get these spirits angry and avoid bumping into them.

Here are some of the don’ts:

1. don’t move house as this could attract wandering ghosts.

2. don’t get married as the spirits may put a curse on the union, plus, there may be uninvited ghosts at your wedding.

3. don’t stay out late after 9pm as this is the time when spirits are known to be at their most powerful.

4. don’t go swimming as the bad spirits might cause you to drown.

5. don’t start a business as this month is believed to be bad for new ventures.

6. don’t walk in the dark or stick to walls because ghosts love these places.

7. don’t stand under a tree or bus stop at night because these spirits usually rest in these places and they might follow you home.

8. don’t curse or swear everywhere because they might be lurking on your path (besides, didn’t your mother tell you it is bad to swear?).

9. do not use dark nail color because dead people have that kind of fingernails and they might think you are one of them.

10. don’t wear red because this will attract the ghosts, nope, not even red underwear.

11. and lastly, don’t mess with the offerings for the ghosts.

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