drama: I might not love you… but I will watch you

I never thought the day would come I would blog about Ariel Lin, much more look forward to her drama.

But it has happened so it’s either momentary insanity or I have just grown up as a pop culture fan.

Whatever it is, her new drama with GTV, I May Not Love You–which has the weird title of In Time With You on the teasers–has a very interesting premise. It also has Chen Bo-lin who’s a good actor (read: not idol-acting).

It’s about two high school buddies who have been around each other through ups and downs, and now, are approaching 30. They make a bet that whoever gets married first before 35 will get a NT$100,000 (US$3,400) hongbao from the loser.

I’m sure many can relate and the drama itself does not look like a typical idol drama. I hope it does not disappoint the way that Love You did.

The teasers also have very lovely passages like this one:

I might not love you? What does that phrase really mean?
Have you ever thought what that meant? But reality has quickly proven that it doesn’t mean anything.
Because he’s in love, and then broken hearted …. And then she’s the one who’s in love, she’s broken-hearted …. They’re each other’s best listener, drinking buddies.
That’s how it was, now they’re both approaching the start of old age … Like before, he’s not married, she’s not married.
So, as she approached her 30th birthday that evening, she accepted his dinner invitation.
He said: “Cheng You-ching, I … We … let’s have a bet?”
Bet on what?”
“That whoever gets married before 35 gets a hongbao of NT$20,000!”
“Lee Ta-jen, you’re not even aggressive enough when it comes to betting!”
“So how would you define being aggressive enough?”
“A NT$100,000 hongbao!”
“It’s a deal!”
So the two of them started looking for prospective dates …
You-ching, afraid that she’d lose out to Ta-jen, looked at all the bachelors around her, analyzing each one of them.
And found out … there’s not even one worth her while!
If the feeling is OK, the qualifications are not OK; Qualifications OK, but the feeling is not OK!
You-ching couldn’t help but tell Ta-jen repeatedly, if … against all odds … she ended up old and alone, even if he had difficulty moving around, he should come and visit her at the home for the aged!
“Life is a long journey, you will encounter many, many people along this road, so don’t scare yourself like that.”
“But I have to work, work everyday, where will I (find time) to meet this person?”
“If you don’t really meet … I will go live with you at the home for the aged.”
A real piercing promise!
Lee Ta-jen never thought that to fulfill this promise for his forever best friend, Cheng You-ching … he would end up like this.
Hidden behind that phrase I might never love you,
Is … a pity that I might not!
I might love you?
I will not love you?
Or … I love you?

(Translation from Asianfanatics)

Premieres in Taiwan on September 24 on GTV.

Copyright © 2011. TheAsianEdition. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “drama: I might not love you… but I will watch you

    • Winnie, the director, not Winnie the Pooh haha!
      I just hope hope hope that the actual drama would retain the same feel as the teaser coz sometimes, it’s just a matter of who’s the editor.
      I mean, the director’s trademark is definitely not this kind.


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