Tokyo’s pink revolution

This story says there is a pink revolution taking place on Tokyo’s streets shortly after designer brands have unleashed their latest collection in Milan and Paris.

No surprise though because Tokyoites have always been fashion-forward, setting trends in the region.


Designers are saying that they want to break the general gloomy environment in the world by adding a dash of the color pink as a pick-me-up. We could all use that.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo’s pink revolution

  1. I love pink! growing up i hated it because all the girls liked it and i wanted to be “different” haha It pisses me off on my campus our satirical newspaper makes fun of the international asian kids bashing on the way they dress, and i want to burn their office down because they are so black and white.

    -Bianca at


    • I think there’s a pink phase for everyone but when we get older, we tend to choose more earth colors. though I don’t mind a burst of color like pink every now and then and I love the Cherry blossom shade. thanks for visiting!


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