Hong Kong media = ‘sensationalists’

So what else is new?

Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu has lashed out in his blog against the media, particularly Oriental Daily, for coming up with a story to sensationalise an otherwise sedate five-day feature on him.

This is not the first time that Daniel got angry at the media.

Not that he’s a temperamental dude but like most artists, he experiences more than average brush-in with the paps. A few years ago, he raised hell when paps took photos of him and then-girlfriend (now his wife) inside their apartment. That was a valid anger and this time around, his point is equally valid considering that the false news has something to do with his business.

Stephen Fung & Daniel Wu at the launch of their venture with Huayi Brothers, Diversion Pictures.

The issue in question is his apparent lack of support for the first venture of Diversion Pictures, Tai Chi, which stars Jet Li and directed by Stephen Fung, his partner in the film venture. Daniel was not too happy of course because the news sent investors into a tizzy and put him in an awkward situation with Stephen.

Ah well, all in a day’s work for Hong Kong paps. If they’re not linking couples or divorcing them, they’re out ruining friendships and business.

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