Taipei 101 is ‘green’ as a bamboo

I love buildings and tall structures. That’s why I love Tokyo Tower and Taipei 101. But I don’t love being in them… I love watching them from afar, like a lover watching her beloved shine in the distance.

My goal the next time I visit Taipei is to climb Elephant Hill and take lotsa photos of Taipei 101, who knows, maybe even a time-lapse.

The 508-meter-high building has recently been awarded as the tallest green building in the world. Sixty-one percent of its waste is recycled. Story here.

Taipei 101 is always the highlight during new year celebrations in Taiwan because of its grandiose fireworks. I was there with my friends this year when the year turned and we stayed in a flat in the Xinyi district with a view of the tower.

I wonder though how they could sustain Taipei 101’s green distinction with the fireworks because they really pollute the air and after the 10-minute or so show, it’s all grey because of the smoke.

There’s a mall inside Taipei 101 with all these branded, designer shops. But my favorite shop would be Page One, although its selection is not as extensive as Eslite. There is also a branch of the famous Taiwanese restaurant Shinyeh in the tower.

More information on Taipei 101 here.


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