Fake Republic

There have been news coming out of China about the fake Apple Store… and now an IKEA wannabe. I love China (as a travel destination, devoid of any political implications) but I gotta say they are upping the ante when it comes to faking goods. Now they’re even faking Steve Jobs and the Swedes.

I compiled pictures from the net on the fakes. Don’t be fooled!

The Fake Apple

Some notes: it’s the “skin” that’s fake (including those blue shirts and the ID) but what they’re selling inside are real; the staff members themselves were faked, believing they are employed by the real deal.

Read more from the blogger who broke the story:

Photo from BirdAbroad

Photo from BirdAbroad

Photo from BirdAbroad

Photo from BirdAbroad

Photo from BirdAbroad

The IKEA wannabe

Now, the fake IKEA. It’s called 11 Furniture and from the outside, it looks more like a hotel than an IKEA wannabe. Note that IKEA’s warehouse-like structures are blue and yellow. For the photo of the wannabe, click this.

Inside, however, gives you a feeling of deja vu with the blue and yellow themes, the mock-up rooms and they’ve even copied the pencils (I wonder if they have the disposable tape meter too). Pictures are from Reuters as published in The Daily Mail.

Oh and both shops are in Kunming. So, is it safe to say that Kunming is the fake capital of China?

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