the next target?

After the Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung saga, it seems the Chinese media in general is homing in on newly married couple Barbie Hsu (aka Da S) and Wang Xiao Fei.

Wait, that is not entirely accurate because eversince these two hooked up, the media–from HK, Taiwan and the mainland, where Xiao Fei comes from–have been on their case. Oh it’s been a dramatic rollercoaster from the whirlwind romance to the me-and-you-against-the-world to the third party angle with Ady An up to the much-publicized and criticized wedding.

But the couple got a break when the media’s attention was taken by the Nic-Ceci saga (which hasn’t ended really: will she sign the divorce papers or not? Who will get custody of Lucas and Quintus? Ah, the all-important million-dollar question of who gets what).

As everyone awaits the next chapter in the Nic-Ceci drama, here comes Da S and Xiao Fei returning from their honeymoon in Europe.

And of course the first thing the media notice is their zero interaction at the airport, pointing out to Da S’ black face and Xiao Fei’s blank one.

The photo above (source) does paint a thousand words and I don’t even want to add to the speculations. It’s just interesting how some fans have weighed in with majority of them saying they are not surprised there’s trouble in paradise (if you are to believe what you read in the Chinese press, there has never been a day these two ever lived in a happy paradise) considering how fast these two got engaged 20 days after their first meeting.

I do remember Angie Chai during our post-interview chat saying that she wasn’t surprised when Da S got married just like that (Angie was one of the guests at the wedding in Sanya, China). “It’s so like her,” Angie said.

I’m not exactly holding my breath on the next development between these two, but it’s always entertaining to see how the lives of these people play out just like a drama.

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