drama: City Hunter’s shoes

I’m currently watching City Hunter.

Not really a Lee Min-ho fan but I got curious because my Weibo wall had been filled with photos of him from the drama.

I covered him before he filmed City Hunter in Thailand and all I remember were the “rules” that his handlers imposed on the press: can’t ask questions–the host asked them; can’t talk to him in English; can’t take photos during “staged” Q&A because the shutter sound would distract him. GAH! I wasn’t impressed with him already because I remember Jun-pyo and the bad perm from Boys Over Flowers and then those rules? So I was really impassive while taking photos of him and wasn’t even paying attention to the presscon anymore. It was the most boring celebrity presscon I have covered and he just sat there with a fixed smile when not answering the scripted questions. I rolled my eyes several times.

But I digress.

City Hunter is a decent drama. I am a sucker for espionage plots, and in particular, those that have elements of North and South Koreas. But I’m not really liking the sappy romance plus I am distracted by Park Min-young’s overly plastic face. So whenever that happens, I just focus myself on Lee Min-ho’s shoes, particularly this pair.

I love oxford shoes and I have a camel pair. Now I’m on the lookout for a female version of this.

Yes, the point of this blog was really those shoes.


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