total eclipse of the heart

For all moon watchers, mark your calendars. There’s going to be a total lunar eclipse that’s visible in Asia on June 16.

Here are the various times for viewing it:


  • 2:23am to 6:02am
  • 3:22am to 5:03am (full eclipse)
  • (Observation programme will be held at the compound of the National Mosque from 1:25am to 7:01am)


  • 1:22am to 4am
  • (full stage starts at 2:22am)


  • 2:23am to 6:02am
  • 3:22am to 5:03 am (full eclipse)
  • Visible in Manila, Quezon City, Davao, Cebu, Caloocan


  • begins 0:22am (but viewers are advised to witness it from 1:22am as the moon will have entered the Earth’s shadow and be partially eclipsed)
  • 2:22am to 3:12am (full eclipse)

Hong Kong/Taiwan

  • 1:23am to 5:46am
  • 3:22am to 5:03am (ful eclipse)
  • In Hong Kong, best viewed in western Kowloon, southern part of Hong Kong Island, Tuen Mun and Cheung Chau.


  • 2:23am to 6:02am
  • 3:22am to 5:03am (full eclipse)

For more information on this year’s eclipses, visit NASA.

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