sweet tooth

Via @cnalatest, I came across this story on two Singapore shops specializing in personalized cakes and candies.

This one’s my fave from CAK3 BOX:


Sweet Enchantment meanwhile makes rock candies, among others. I love the designs. For the music person:

Sweet Enchantment

Love, love, love:

And more love.

They even had a request from someone wanting to put “will you marry me?” in one candy bar. I wonder if they were able to do it and how.

Check out their Facebook pages for more photos: CAK3 BOX and Sweet Enchantment.

2 thoughts on “sweet tooth

    • I’m so blur with my own blog, didn’t know someone took time out to comment hahaha!
      you had rock candies for your wedding… as wedding favors?
      the candies in Suga look so cool and nice to look at! I bet they also taste yummy 🙂


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