neee-kon or nai-khon?

I heard someone pronouncing NIKON as “nai-khon”. I read a few days ago that Oprah pronounced it the same way? So perhaps this person watched that and took it from there.

But how is it really pronounced?

In our editorial desk, we have a policy that we follow the spelling of the country of origin because they would know best. For example, Vietnam spells the country as Viet Nam. So we apply that in our editing. The Jakarta Post spells “Bashir” as Ba’asyir, so we follow that as well. And so on and so forth.

So if we apply the same theory to pronunciation, then let’s take it from the Japanese, who made it. Better yet, let’s take it from Kimura Takuya-san.

Ore no Nikon.

Yapari ne Nikon.

Whatever model it is, from the D-series to Coolpix, it’s still neee-kon.

If you still don’t believe, two KimuTakus are already telling you.

KimuTaku does not even let a Westerner coerce him into saying “nai-khon”.

Let’s not make life complicated as it already is.



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