music: one-girl band

This girl has been creating a buzz on Weibo, YouTube (almost 5 million views for this video) and in Taiwan. Her name is Shara Lin Yixin and she plays the piano, violin and zither for her version of Jolin Tsai’s Dancing Diva. Watch the video (Just don’t get distracted by those legs):

heroes’ bracelet

There’s this lady in the talaat (market) who comes a couple of times a month and sells all these chunky costume jewelry made of resin and wood. I love looking at them even if they’re not exactly my style. And I found out that they are made in the Philippines! One time, I found a…

where does he belong?

“Showbiz is really a complicated business and I don’t belong there.” – Brunei-born singer-actor Wu Chun in an email interview prior to our face-to-face in Bandar Seri Begawan


Well, it’s that time of year for shopaholics. If you live in Bangkok, this weekend is one of the annual sales that many look forward to, including (and especially?) Japanese tourists: it’s the Jim Thompson Sale! From June 3-5, it’s going to be at BITEC which is just a stone’s throw (traffic aside) from where…

Round 3 for Double J

This gotta be the cutest Double J appearance. The first one during Jay’s concert last year was hot; the one in Jolin’s Shanghai concert last week was bland. But this one is just sweet. For the link to the video, click here.


I liked this guy in Hana Kimi but did not like him enough to really follow his career. But when I got to meet him in person for an interview in his hometown Bandar Seri Begawan, I found a very decent, down-to-earth guy.